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Understanding the Value of Diversity: A Close Look at Gender

Understanding the Value of Diversity: A Close Look at Gender

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 | 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

New York University School of Law

Greenberg Lounge, Vanderbilt Hall, 40 Washington Square South

The conventional wisdom that "diversity is our strength" has recently come under fire. Advocates for diversity need a cogent response, and Professor Katherine W. Phillips, the Reuben Mark Professor of Organizational Character at Columbia Business School, is the one to provide it. Drawing on research conducted in a variety of settings - from mock juries to murder mystery simulations - Professor Phillips will explore how diversity can improve team performance, enhance creativity, and make individuals work harder to anticipate alternative viewpoints. Yet these strengths are not inevitable: Professor Phillips' own research, and that of others, suggests important preconditions for unlocking the potential of diverse groups. Join Professor Phillips to learn how to harness the value of diversity - especially gender diversity - in the workplace and the classroom. This event is part of the Center for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging speaker series and is co-sponsored by the Birnbaum Women's Leadership Network. For more information and to RSVP for the event, click here.