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About the ADR Inclusion Network

The ADR Inclusion Network (“Network”) was founded upon the fundamental concept that neutrals with a wide variety of cultural and life experiences – based upon characteristics such as gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, and disability – enrich the ADR process by bringing diverse perspectives to resolving disputes. These perspectives stem from a range of personal and professional backgrounds that, in practice, may better serve, instill confidence in, and create greater perceived fairness in the ADR processes offered by, for example, better reflecting the communities served by the neutrals or providing normatively better outcomes for the end-users of those ADR processes. To that end, the goals of the Network are:

(1) increasing the awareness of, use, visibility, availability, and selection of diverse neutrals within New York State in all aspects of the ADR field, including on state and federal court rosters and private and community ADR providers and programs;

(2) improving the inclusion and growth of prospective diverse neutrals within New York State, while maintaining a focus on increasing the use of existing diverse neutrals; and

(3) functioning as a resource for New York State on the topic of ADR inclusion and diversity.

The membership of the Network shall proactively identify and include all interested individuals who share some or all of the goals outlined above.

Our Pledge

The ADR Inclusion Network pledges to work proactively to increase ADR utilization and increase representation of diverse neutrals in New York State. In recognition of the value we hold to advance the selection of experienced diverse neutrals in the ADR field and provide ADR opportunities to newer diverse neutrals, we are committed to taking the following actions, which will actively promote these steps to others with whom we work that provide or utilize ADR services:

(1) Enhancing and increasing selection opportunities for experienced, diverse ADR neutrals, including the inclusion of qualified, diverse neutrals among any list of mediators or arbitrators proposed for selection by parties, counsel, in-house counsel, or other relevant users;

(2) Educating ADR providers and users on issues related to increasing diversity, inclusion, and implicit bias in neutral selection processes and raising public awareness of these issues;

(3) Increasing access to opportunities and work for newer, less experienced diverse ADR neutrals;

(4) Providing mentorship, sponsorship, and shadowing opportunities to newer, less experienced diverse neutrals by senior and experienced neutrals, who will encourage and provide information regarding ADR opportunities and otherwise assist in enhancing their profiles and practice;

(5) Supporting the inclusion of diverse neutrals in the ADR field and in your organization or practice by attending, participating in, or sponsoring “meet and greet” and networking sessions;

(6) Developing metrics and a system to measure the progress of encouraging ADR users to select, recruit and retain diverse neutrals;

(7) Including a fair representation of diverse neutrals on ADR committees, governing bodies, training programs, and conference panels; and

(8) Expanding opportunities for diverse individuals to join the ADR field, through recruitment and mentoring.

We/I join the ADR Inclusion Network in taking the above pledge.
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You can withdraw your consent to the items above at any time by contacting us at contact@adrdiversity.org.

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